Episode -1: Rustycon Panel 1

Reviews of your new favorite Audio Cinemas

Episode -1: Rustycon Panel 1

Julie Hoverson hostess of 19 Nocturne Boulevard recently released a bonus blog of a panel she was on at Rustycon. This is the panel that made me decide to finally start this podcast.

No talking from me in this episode, look for episode 0 soon.

[UPDATE: Due to the complaints that Julie received about this piece she has asked that it be removed, as she has done from her own feed. For full details as to what happened, please check out: the Audio Drama Talk board.]

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  1. Jack says:

    Really interesting conversation! I need to take umbridge with the one gent who says that without people criticizing there’s no one to tell new people what they are doing wrong.
    Firstly, I want to say I LOVE criticism for my works. I rarely get it, and when I do its often “you’re so great” or “it’s not my thing”. Neither of which is not an appropriate criticism.
    Being a good critic is a skill in and of itself. Being able to identify the difference between “what you like” and “what makes good Audio Drama” are two different things.
    For example a good friend of mine pointed that I had a narrator in one of my shows and said that was an OTR thing and not something from Modern Audio Drama.
    Well, that’s really a personal preference argument rather than an effectiveness issue, and I can appreciate that for what it is. But if he said, “It’s not my thing” I’d get no value out of the comment.

    Secondly, there is a very good means for telling what’s good out there. Subscribers.

    Thirdly, the simple fact of WANTING to be a good producer means you listen widely, you compare and contrast with your own work, you look very critically at your own stuff and ask yourself this question. “What could I do better?”
    If your answer is “Nothing”.. Put down the pen. You’re a genius like J.D. Salinger and only need to mail yourself your Audio Dramas once a year for no one else to hear.

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