Episode 1: Review of The Adventures of The Red Panda

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Episode 1: Review of The Adventures of The Red Panda

Special thanks to Indiana Jim for the doing my episode 1 bumper.

In News:

There is now a rating system for your Audio Drama like you will find on your TV shows and Movies. You can find full details about it at the Audio Drama Directory.

February is now Script Writing Month. Find more information at Audio Drama Talk.


For our first review, I review The Adventures of The Red Panda. Listen to the episode, for the review.

Rating: 5 Podjectors

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  1. Rik O'Neill says:

    Shorter than I’d hoped, Chris – but a clear and concise assessment of your thoughts. As a producer myself I do wonder about the “etiquette” of donations, contributions, subscriptions and so on. There are no hard and fast rules, I guess – but personally, I decided not to ask for them and just put a button on the website for those “in the know” to donate – if it’s something they’re accustomed to doing.

    My own stand point would be that we as producers of audio drama are not “charities” and we need to find ways to monetize our output other than donations.

    But I could be completely incorrect. Would be interested to hear others’ views on this topic.

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