Episode 3: Zombies!

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Episode 3: Zombies!

After taking the bulk of last month off, we are back with an interview and review!

Thanks to Allen Sale of AstralAudio for the bumper!

First Fred Greenhalgh joins me in the Podjector room, and we talk the article reviewing him in the Wall Street Journal.  The  article can be read on the Wall Street Journal here.

In News, the one and only Roger Ebert (@EbertChicago on Twitter) seems to listen to Decoder Ring Theatre’s shows, with his tweet:

Decoder ring theater. The Masked Marvel is standing by. http://j.mp/97B8AP

For our review this episode, we have a look at KC Wayland’s We’re Alive. A “Zombie” Story of Survival. You can find it online at http://www.zombiepodcast.com or on iTunes. Also check out the interview that Fred did with the producers over at: Radio Drama Revival #167.

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