Episode 7: Dex with all the News!

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Episode 7: Dex with all the News!

Thanks to Medros of All Things Azeroth for the bumper!

19 Nocturne Boulevard Goes Hollywood! Julie Hoverson founder of Wheeality Productions is actively pursuing funding for her horror screenplay “Protege”. You would think that would stop the audio production work, but will merely slow it down. Deadeye Kid continues to ride across the old west and Bingo will finish out its season before going on Hiatus.

BrokenSea Down, But Not Out! BrokenSea Audio Productions suffered a virus attack on their website and have been forced to shut down brokensea.com as well as all their feeds. They are soldiering on however, still putting shows out every Thursday using a file share site, until they can get their own site back up and running.

Pendant Productions 6th Anniversary! 358 hours of content spread across 740 episodes and still counting! Its a heck of a milestone and things continue to roll forward for the Pendulums as Genesis Avalon wrapped up its first season on August 23rd and Once Upon A Time in Vegas goes on hiatus and will end on episode 38. Project Buffalo (Pendants Next Earth P Show) has reached the casting phase and should reach listeners sometime in early 2011.

We’re Alive” Season 2 Begins! Modern Myth Productions released Season 2 of its award winning zombie survival series “We’re Alive” on August 23rd. The new season of this show looks to be as hot as the last… as in, on Fire! Thats right, it appears as though the characters begin the second season of this wildly popular show dealing with an out of control fire!
Imagination Lane Engages in The Science of Deduction! Alexa Chipman just reopened her Imagination Lane website after sit also suffered a nasty virus attack, and has begun casting for her newest show The Science of Deduction, heavily inspired by the BBC series Sherlock, which is a modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes.

The Lighted Bridge Premiered on August 13th! Award winning audio dramatist Kristin Cato has debuted her latest production entitled “The Lighted Bridge” This show centers on a cavewoman frozen in ice and defrosted in World War Two Paris. This surreal production features. All new cast and voices for this surreal new show produced by award winning audio dramatist and independent filmmaker Kristin Cato.

Mysterious Geek Explores Resident Evil: Forsaken! Resident Evil: Forsaken is a Fan Fiction story based on the popular video game was put together by Mysterious Geek Productions which also produced Until Death: the Diary of Molly Sidon. A zombie thriller in six parts.

Final Rune Productions Gets the Final Word! Fred Greenhalgh of Final Rune Productions has been a busy man. In addition to wrapping up production on The Troll of Stony Brook and releasing the War on Poverty, Fred also had a unique opportunity to take part in a BBC radio production and record scenes for a show called Severed Threads, which follows three different stories each recorded on the continents where they are set.

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  1. Thank you for the mention about Imagination Lane! Just a clarification, Science of Deduction is a show I am doing for MisfitsAudio, rather than iLane.

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