Above and Below: Pilot : Review

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Above and Below: Pilot : Review

Hi all, I know its been a long time since there has been anything from us. There will be an audio version of this review soon.

Today we are doing a review of a new Audio Drama called “Above and Below.”

The main character of this audio drama is Marcus Reachman, played by Daniel Macnaughton, who is the only private detective in Midnight City.

Not sure really where Midnight City is, as its never actually defined. However it seems to be taking place either in an alternate earth or far into the future. This area seems to be divided into numbered districts and the higher the number the worse condition you live in.

The voice acting for this is very good, which going by the fact that the entire cast at minimum has acting on other audio dramas, and at most having starred in plays and films.

While the promo is done very well as far as the audio quality is concerned, I do have to say the story while interesting does have several well known clichés. This entire episode’s mystery is the old classic “victim was killed in a locked room locked from the inside.” How many different ways can you do this kind of mystery from?

I would recommend that you check out this audio drama, hopefully they will be releasing the second episode soon.


Voice acting: 10/10

Originality:  7/10

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