AD: Review Boom Season 1

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AD: Review Boom Season 1

Boom is an audio drama that seems to break new ground, at least from what I’ve heard. It’s the first audio drama made by Observer Pictures.

This show starts off with 28-year-old Porter, who has finally asked Genevieve on a date. They’ve known each other since they were 13. The following day he comes over for breakfast, and finds her wearing a suicide belt begging him to leave so he doesn’t get hurt also.  She winds up dying, and he gets badly hurt.

Unlike most series I’ve seen / heard, instead of following the police investigation it follows Porter’s recovery, both physically and mentally and the new / old friends he meets along the way.

Unlike most of the shows I’ve listened to which were in some way fantastical, this series is totally down to earth. The characters are engaging, and feel real very quickly.

The first season has already been released, its made of 10 episodes and 2 Bonus episodes.  They have already started releasing the second season, so I’d recommend you listen now to the first before it gets to big! This is certainly a show you need to listen to all the episodes to know what is going on.

The tenth episode (season one finale), adds a twist to the show which seems to be a driving force to the second season.

I’d recommend you listen to it! You can find how to subscribe by clicking on this link.

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