Reviews of your new favorite Audio Cinemas

Do you love the new Audio Cinema podcasts? Do look forward to the next Decoder Ring Theatre or the next episode of your favorite podcast from Darker Projects?

Or have you listened to Old Time Radio programs such as The Shadow, X Minus One, and others, and wished that someone made new shows in that format?

Welcome to Audio Cinema Review, where we review the new Audio Cinema, both the new series and the old favorites.

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  1. Hi, I couldn’t find a contact form, so I figured I would try this here. I just listened to your episode with Dex and really enjoyed it, and I figured that you might have an answer to my question since you are so involved in the podcast audio drama field.

    I am in the process of creating an audio drama, but I’m not sure where I can go to set up casting calls. Do you know of any great forums or sites for auditions?

    Thanks, and I will continue to listen,

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