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Reviews of your new favorite Audio Cinemas

Would you like to participate in making reviews for Audio Cinema Review?

We are actively seeking reviewers, whether you are a producer of, actor of, or just a fan of audio cinemas. If you have recording hardware then you can participate.

Rules to participate:

  1. If you are an actor / producer / otherwise related to an Audio Cinema group you may not review something your group has produced
  2. Please make your review fair, but keep the review to 20 minutes or less
  3. Even if you find you hated a show totally try to find something good to say about it, as no show is totally with out merit.
  4. If you are reviewing just one episode of a series do state that.

Do contact me, Chris Moody, before you submit a review, we don’t need to many people to be doing the same show all at the same time. I can be reached at info@audiocinemareview.com

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